Entry #5

Read me please

2017-09-02 02:26:58 by DevleKingMusic

So i have recently seen that one of my remix's ( lia;quo Crystal Corruption {AGe REMIX} ) has been taken down. and said nah its just my internet being stupid again but NO!!!! it was removed for something i dont get. i git a message from i think a MOD and said ( Repitching and adding sound effects dous not make it mine ) well thats funny because i made a remix of a song ( did the same thing ) and hey its still here. So now i am pissed off ( i am easly triggered also english is bad )  so i did my research and i guess Lia;Quo dous not want Crystal Corruption allowed  on GD, BUT I MADE THIS REMIX Because its a great song and i wanted to share my version of it. too bad i cant put it on newgrounds. NG has now teken away my scout and i think posting audio on NG. as much as i like NG THIS IS F**KING STUPID!!!!. so whats my solution SOUNDCLOUD. i am going back to my old home once more and leaving NewGrounds for a while so i can cool down and think. Long story short. i am on SoundCloud for now. THIS IS A STUPID PUNISHMENT FOR A STUPID SONG. you may takedown my song you may take down my account but i will always be on the internet in someway or form. Thank you for reading this. and if your a MOD aswell sorry for this. i just wanted to tell all of you this. See you in a few months NG BYE BYE


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2017-09-02 02:29:22

send me a version of your song so I can find out whats wrong with it. ok?

DevleKingMusic responds:

opps i forgot my pillow oh hey a comment lets see what it says ( at the time of me writing this its really late, so i get a little silly and my grammer is the worst around now) hmm after i get some sleep sure *yawn* you can find it on soundcloud. well back to my bed in my old house