Entry #1

New Game More Work

2017-04-25 23:52:55 by DevleKingMusic

My other game InfiniVoid was kinda easy to make. but i have another project, a game sort of like the game MineCraft but my version ( its not a MC clone ) but this time i need 100% coding and really i kinda don't feel like i can do it, really all i need right now is some motivation but right now i am both Pissed Off ( I can't seem to do it, so i feel like a failure ) and sad ( also because i can't figure out it ) i am still working on InfiniVoid but i am also working on BloodBath ( Name is still a WIP )


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2017-04-26 18:34:14

Try these sites:


DevleKingMusic responds:

Thx for the help m8 :)