2017-06-01 19:48:16 by DevleKingMusic

OK why are you guys hating on FireDash???? i worked pretty hard on that. i get that i only used 4 instruments but i am still getting use to FL studios  please i am not F-777 i am not WaterFlame i am not DDJ-Nate i am not Virtual Riot i am not these good creaters i have only bin making music for about six months and i am getting use to FL studios please can you be kinder


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2017-06-01 20:22:11

Sorry man, but that's the internet for you, pricks are everywhere, and sometimes good guys are everywhere. but either way, i wouldn't call people pricks for voting so low on your track, it's just that they don't think it's worthy of things like a 5 or so (yet) if you want this to stop the only way is to get better, accept criticism more openly and learn from it (unless all the comment says is something like "This is trash" then ignore that) and do some extra-polishing for your works.
Sure man, you might not be the best but you can certainly do something about it.