ill be back

2017-06-11 14:26:25 by DevleKingMusic

i am taking a break of music making for now. i cant work FL studios well, I cant make well made mash-ups and since my ipad's screen is broken i cant use garageband. i might still try and make songs in LMMS or i will just wait untill my ipad's screen gets fixed. :)


2017-06-01 19:48:16 by DevleKingMusic

OK why are you guys hating on FireDash???? i worked pretty hard on that. i get that i only used 4 instruments but i am still getting use to FL studios  please i am not F-777 i am not WaterFlame i am not DDJ-Nate i am not Virtual Riot i am not these good creaters i have only bin making music for about six months and i am getting use to FL studios please can you be kinder

New Alblum/EP out

2017-04-28 16:21:28 by DevleKingMusic

my new Album/EP is out 


Alblum/EP name AGe 13 ( not my mash-up )




and Death Wish

AGe  ( DevleKing )

Its coming

2017-04-26 19:35:47 by DevleKingMusic

this week on saterday i will be moving. i am just telling you this as news and if i have a rough start please keep me goin   

New Game More Work

2017-04-25 23:52:55 by DevleKingMusic

My other game InfiniVoid was kinda easy to make. but i have another project, a game sort of like the game MineCraft but my version ( its not a MC clone ) but this time i need 100% coding and really i kinda don't feel like i can do it, really all i need right now is some motivation but right now i am both Pissed Off ( I can't seem to do it, so i feel like a failure ) and sad ( also because i can't figure out it ) i am still working on InfiniVoid but i am also working on BloodBath ( Name is still a WIP )